Smart Contracts Development & Audit

Blockchain smart contracts tailored to any objectives

With the surging telecommunications era, blockchain helps businesses keep up with the “digital-first” trend and fuels vital operations with smart contracts. Now that remote services take a critical role in surviving lockdowns, self-executing smart contract-powered workflows become the new normal.

Years in building and optimizing smart contracts

Digital transactions have become a part of everyday routine, so smart contract applications see an exponential rise in demand. PixelPlex has long started contributing to bolstering sophisticated business procedures via full-cycle smart contracts development, audit, and support.

Smart contract development & chaincode engineering

  • Automated data & asset ownership transfer
  • Zero-middlemen claim settlement
  • Blockchain document management
  • Insurance & real estate tokenization
  • Code-based invoice smart contracts
  • Payment smart contracts
  • Digital certificates & warranties
  • Domain-specific wallets

Smart contract audit

  • Source code lockdown
  • Smart contract design & architecture analysis
  • Manual code review
  • Smart contract security audit
  • Flawed features detection
  • Overflow and underflow check
  • Complete functional & live testing
  • Ethereum smart contracts gas usage estimation
  • Detailed report & recommendations list

Smart contract optimization

  • Platform-specific analysis
  • Smart contract performance validation
  • Resource consumption minimization
  • TCO reduction
  • Protection from service attacks
  • Secure random number generation
  • Correct cryptographic signature validation

Our smart contracts solve operational challenges

In the face of connectivity overload, increased processing time and digital service costs growth, businesses can secure themselves from painful efficiency drops. Blockchain smart contracts bring in measurable benefits right away.

Easily switch providers while keeping a number

Rule out fraud during payment processing

Ensure complete workflow transparency

Simplify negotiations between business stakeholders and legal teams