Hyperledger Development

Translate blockchain advances into business breakthroughs

World Quest Digital is a Hyperledger development company with 50+ blockchain technology solutions built to date. We focus on creating apps and systems that make your intensive business workflows and transactions secure, accountable, and totally immutable.


Shape up via Hyperledger blockchain infrastructure

What makes Hyperledger applications so compelling? It’s that they get complex business tasks done, nice and easy. Most enterprise workflows require loads of dependencies and tons of stakeholders. Why waste valuable man-hours switching between extranets and EMSs? Let Hyperledger apps work their magic:

  • Data integrity and consistency
  • Trusted environment
  • Ruling out human error and micromanagement
  • No middlemen

We help create custom Hyperledger Fabric infrastructures

In case it’s challenging for you to get Hyperledger Fabric up and running, PixelPlex has got your back. On top of our development package, we offer blockchain infrastructure deployment for you to easily build Hyperledger dApps. We’ll gather all the operational and functional requirements to launch your engineering ecosystem upon a consistent API and external IP address.

Here’s how we configure Hyperledger Fabric for companies

  • Consulting on startup optimization of Hyperledger Fabric blockchain networks
  • Environment orchestration (preparation, configuration, management, servers and apps coordination)
  • Peer network orchestration (peers and orderers configuration, deployment chaincode, certification management)
  • Network configuration (DNS, load balancing, private and public networks)
  • Containerization (docker images configuration, docker compose and/or Kubernetes manifest)
  • Monitoring setup, continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) setup

Blockchain’s underlying magic unlocks enterprise progress

Decentralized ledger technologies build a reliable environment for companies to communicate, thrive, and innovate within. To help you develop into a game changer in your domain, our enterprise blockchain company offers you advanced services relying on its full-blown R&D, business analytics, and engineering powerhouse.


Hyperledger apps vs. other enterprise solutions

Strictly regulated businesses like those in the supply chain industry often opt for traditional web portals that lack security, speed, and traceability as compared to blockchain solutions. Hyperledger dApps stand out for their ability to handle sophisticated business processes in a matter of hours, not days, while never compromising their secrecy.

  • Tamper-proof data exchange
  • Cryptographic validation of contract terms and operations
  • Chaincode-based liability execution
  • Breach-secure transactions
  • A toolkit that’s rich with platforms and frameworks

Is Hyperledger a better fit than permissionless blockchain?

With 7+ years of expertise in building blockchain solutions, we can authoritatively compare DLTs to select the best option for your business. If your company requires 100% compliance with industry standards, along with workflow control and transaction tracking, Hyperledger apps might be the right choice.


Permissionless Blockchain Solutions

  • Zero regulation
  • Public system
  • Anonymous cryptographic identities
  • Code-based counterfeit tracking
  • Immutable transactions
  • Shared ledger

Permissioned Hyperledger Applications

  • Workflows overseen by regulators
  • Both public and private system
  • Real identifiable participants
  • Permissioned membership
  • Trackable transaction identities
  • Pre-defined consenting procedures

Here’s how our Hyperledger applications can help your enterprise

  • Traceable transaction identity
  • Authentic goods origin
  • Consolidated databases
  • Consensus-powered workflow control
  • Regulated commercial activities
  • Minimized fraud risks
  • Need-to-know basis data
  • Digital keys & sensitive data protection
  • On-demand data retrieval
  • Automated doc and payment processing
  • Reduced man-hours and human error
  • Streamlined ROI, better business agility
  • Modular architecture
  • Enhanced performance and scalability
  • Accurate and reliable business model
  • Community support